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Private training with Beth requires a minimum 2 session commitment. Sessions are $130.  After the first two sessions we take training on a session by session basis depending on your needs. Sessions are typically spaced 1-2 weeks apart to allow you to work with the new skills you and your dog have acquired each week.


We can help you address all training and behavioral issues for all relationship stages of your dog’s life. Some, but not all of the areas we can focus your training on follow.  

Training Focus Areas

First Time Dog Owner

  • Puppy Proofing your home

  • Learning about the special needs of your breed 

  • Home healthcare routines

Puppy Issues

  • Socialization

  • Biting & Chewing

  • Housebreaking

  • Walking on a lead

  • Staying 

  • Not Jumping

Obedience training

  • Leash pulling

  • Jumping

  • Digging

  • Excessive barking

Behavioral issues

  • Dog to dog aggression

  • Dog to human aggression

  • Fear

  • Guarding Behavior

  • Hyperactivity 

  • Separation anxiety

The Benefits of In-Home Training with Beth

Sessions that focus on your specific needs within the structure of your life and your home

Working with your dog in an environment they are comfortable in

Convenient times for you and your family


No long contracts that make you pay for more sessions than you really need

On-site training in locations you actually go with your dog

All of your questions and concerns answered and addressed within the context of your life


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